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Frequently Asked Questions

Why go to a boat show?

There’s a boat or personal watercraft for every lifestyle, activity and budget. Attending a show allows you to compare all of your options at one time, in one place.

Do you offer shuttle service?

The I-X Center does not offer shuttle service; however, if you stay at some of our partner or surrounding hotels, they may have shuttle service available for I-X Center patrons.

Can I use a credit card or personal check to purchase tickets?

We do accept major credit cards at most shows; however, we do not accept personal checks.

Is there a "Will Call"?

Yes, Will Call is located by the Main Entrance to the show.

Are there senior / military discounts?

Adults 60 and up & Military are given a discounted rate each day of $15.

Are food and/or drinks available at the show?

Yes, there is something for everyone, with multiple concession stands throughout the show providing food and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic).

Can I carry?

In accordance with Ohio’s “concealed carry” law and the right for private entities to ban handguns on their premises, firearms and other weapons of any kind are strictly forbidden on the premises of the I-X Center.

Do you have activities for kids?

Yes, we have multiple kids’ activities, and have even designated Family Fun Day on Sunday.

Is there handicap parking?

Clearly designated handicap parking areas are available around the facility and are to be used only as specified by state, local and federal laws.

Can I smoke at the IX-Center?

The I-X Center is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building. Designated smoking areas are located outside the venue. Smoking is also defined to include any and all electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes.

Are wheelchairs available?

Wheelchairs are available on a first-come, first-served basis at no charge. A photo ID must be left with the attendant to secure return. There are no strollers or wagons available to rent; however, you may bring your own in most shows. You should always check the event website to confirm they are permitted prior to attending.

Is there a first-aid station?

Yes, there is one located in each lobby staffed by paramedics from University Hospitals for all events.

Can I get on the boats?

Yes! However, some exhibitors have special boarding rules. Please respect their requests.

Can I gift my ticket to someone else, even if it has my name on it?

Yes. As long as the ticket is in possession of the attendee, it can be used.

Is my ticket good for multiple days?

Tickets are same day only. You must buy another ticket to attend multiple days.

Do you have a coat check?

No, there is not a coat check.

Can I bring my own food and beverages?

No outside food, beverages, coolers or sack lunches are allowed in the facility.

Is there a lost and found?

During the show, all items turned in are taken to the Show Office across from where tickets are purchased. After the show, all items are placed with customer service, which can be reached at 216.265.2500.

Buying a Boat

How do today’s boat prices compare?

Most people compare purchasing a boat to buying a car because that’s familiar. Yes, the process is very similar. And today, there are dozens of boat models that can be purchased for a low monthly payment. By comparison, that’s below the typical auto payment.

What about financing the boat?

With today’s interest rates, it is a great time to finance your boat purchase. In addition, for a hassle-free experience, every dealer can handle the entire process for you. Of course, you can always apply directly to your bank but most people simply work through their boat dealer.

Can I qualify for a boat loan?

Basically, if you qualify for a car loan, you’ll likely qualify for a boat loan. Lenders usually take the same factors into account: Credit rating, Debt to income ratio, Job and homeownership stability, and Net worth. It’s not complicated.

How much down-payment is required?

Typically, the down-payments required these days can range anywhere from no-money-down to 20-percent. It really depends on the lender, the buyer’s credit history, loan amount and similar considerations.

How about today’s terms?

Boat loans are actually preferred loans by many lenders. In fact, depending on the total loan amount, most will offer longer terms of up to 10 years or more so buyers can set a monthly payment that fits their budget. It’s a win-win.

Why can you get longer terms on a boat purchase?

Unlike autos, boats depreciate at a much slower rate than, for example, a car. So, the boat provides actually provides stronger loan collateral for the lender.

You’re in the right place!

A boat show is like a marine supermarket. All the major boat brands and dealers are in one location, the great place to shop. Dealers likely have discount pricing and financing deals available at early-season shows like this one.


Cost of admission to the Progressive Cleveland Boat show does not include parking. The Cleveland Boat Show benefits in no way from any parking fee collected by the I-X Center, nor does it have any control over the lot.